Whether you need a new outlook on your companies marketing or branding Рwe can help.

Our team has many skills so we’re able to offer a wide array of services. Far away, behind the scenes, and always on the hunt; There lies a solution. We have separated our selves from the competition because we know our path and direction.

Let Practical Media Solutions show you how to get to the next step.

Just do not forget, if you already know your path, and know the next step but need someone reliable to execute, then look no further.

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An increased market potential, the major advantage of marketing to multiple channels is that there is an immediate increase in market potential. As consumers are increasingly using smartphones, tablets, and other connected devices as a primary gateway to the Internet, it is important for businesses to think.

Why is multichannel marketing important?

In order to provide an optimal customer experience and increase sales.

Practical Media Solutions, Inc. provides extremely targeted Business to Consumer, Business to Business, Lifestyle and Response Driven Data. Using only the freshest of data we are able to consistently get the highest continuation rates in the industry today!

Practical Media Solutions, Inc. delivers data that helps us to build long lasting relationships with our Clients. With our large data dictionary, we can match data elements to virtually every business model, assuring our clients are going to reach their target audience. With our experience of over 30 years, we are well known throughout the industry for our high level of customer service, continuations and knowledge of our products.

We work closely with you to be sure we have provided the optimal marketing strategy for your marketing objectives to assist in the success of your next and ongoing Postal, Telemarketing, Mobile and/or e-Mail campaigns!

We adhere to industry best practices, serving our clients with utmost professionalism and integrity.

Hence our motto: Practical Media Solutions, Inc., A Company with Integrity, Built on Kept Promises.

Whether you need a new

marketing strategy, company
branding, or anything else marketing related
– we can help.


General leads/data
  • B2c/B2b (standard files)
  • D&B Business Data (Dun&Bradstreet)
  • CBD (Opt-In/TCPA Compliant-Daily/Weekly/Monthly Feed Upon Request)
  • Debt Leads (Opt-In/TCPA Compliant)
  • Auto Leads (Opt-In/TCPA Compliant)
  • Soft Credit Pulls (Auto)
Our Specialty Services
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Pushing Web Traffic
  • Call Center Services (Call For More Information)
Live Transfers
  • Solar (Live Transfers) Min order 50
  • Mortgage Live Transfers
  • Need A Custom Order? (Scroll Down For Contact Info At The Bottom Of Our Page)
Direct Mail
  • Call with specific need as the mailing industry is very granular